Nature walk

The situation with COVID-19 here in France is getting tricky again. As with many places in Europe the number of cases have been going up and we are concerned that there could be another lockdown. Indeed, after our mini vacation at the lake we all got sick. Freya made one friend, one afternoon, and played … Continue reading Nature walk

Yes day!

It all started, as it so often does, with a book! Yes Day! We read Yes Day as a family and ever since have been planning to have one... when we had time, when we had the money, when we had the patience, when we could fit it in.... The premise is that whatever … Continue reading Yes day!

Location led maths

The girls created their own shopping lists, went to the supermarket and found their goods. We used the receipt to find out how much each item cost. Using coins we allocated amounts to each item and then found the total. Freya practiced: - counting in 2s - counting in 10s - making numbers up to … Continue reading Location led maths

And so the adventure begins…

There is always a reason not to. There are always barriers. There are always nay sayers. Sometimes, just sometimes, not doing 'it' is worse/scarier/more daunting than actually taking the plunge. After almost twenty years of educating other people's children, loving them, nurturing them, caring for them and making their journey my life I have come … Continue reading And so the adventure begins…